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Golf Trick Shot Show

Entertain all of your Golf Day guests with a show they will talk about forever

About the show

For many of us golf can be a difficult game at the best of times. But just imagine the added difficulty if your seven iron – instead of having a standard head – has a smoothing iron, yes a genuine domestic smoothing iron at the end of the shaft! Yet that is exactly what my “iron” has. That is only one of the incredible clubs in my bag. Take the “hose-pipe” club for instance: three feet of flexible rubber garden hose with a normal club head on one end. Not a problem as I have learnt to hits a fine shot down the fairway. I may even invite you to have a go and see if you can defy the normal laws of physics by making contact with the ball. Go on, have a go. Or what about a club almost six feet long, or one with a hammer on the end of the shaft? Alternatively try hitting a ball while bouncing on a mini trampoline. All these tricks are in my amazing repertoire.

Whether you would like to entertain clients on a company day, add some spice to a club event like Captain’s Day, or simply enjoy the experience for yourself, The Dean Davis Trick Shot Show is an experience not to be missed.

We can attend all types of events, they don’t have to be just golf related!

  • Corporate Entertainment Events
  • Corporate Golf Days
  • Club Open Days
  • Anniversary Events
  • Birthday Parties
  • Weddings
  • Charity & Society Golf Days
  • Equipment Demo Days
  • TV & Film Events
  • Tour Events
  • Captain’s Days
  • Junior Golf Events
  • BBQ social night at the Golf Club
  • Dean performs a 40 minute show which includes audience participation

The show is a great way to entertain guests at your event!

Golf Trick Shot Show

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