The Important Questions About The Show

I was about 17/18 and messing around at the driving range. I had a bottle of water and I was just hitting the ball off the top of it. I then tried hitting balls in different ways and then different shots really developed from there. I was fortunate to meet Noel Hunt who was one of the first trick shot artists, and I remember him saying son you have a real eye for the ball you could do something with this. And things just developed from there.

It was a good 6 years of practicing before I performed by fist show. I performed for the members of my club who had been watching me over the years developing my tricks. I remember I was so nervous.

The show is 40 minutes uses all the trick shot clubs and involves audience participation.

Dean travels all over the world. He has performed in numerous countries including America, Mauritius, South Africa, Greece, Germany, France and Holland to name but a few!

Depending on the location it is possible for Dean to perform two 40 minute shows a day.

The show is fun and exciting and will add golfing magic to your day. Dean will make the audience laugh as well as amazing them with extreme variations of hitting a golf ball.

Dean has been performing his show for the past 20 years.

Most clubs will allow the 1st tee to be used if asked, as Dean’s show will not damage the tee in any way (i.e. no divots).

The show can be performed indoors or outdoors, whatever meets with your requirements.

One of the advantages of Dean’s unique show is that it does not have to be performed at a golf club. The only requirement is that he has an area of 4 metres x 8 metres to hit from and an area to hit into!

Dean has a powerful PDA sound system batter run.

It is preferred that golf balls are supplied, if this is not possible Dean will bring his own.

Dean can play a few holes with each group or, he can be positioned on a tee hitting a shot for each group as they play through. He can either do this with his normal clubs or with his trick shot clubs.

You can book Dean for the whole day and he will entertain your clients on the range, on the course or even over dinner.

Or Help raise money for your charity with his Par 3 challenge were he plays a trick shot with each group.

Send your details and he will be in contact.

Yes he has full public liability insurance.

Dean does not mind get a little wet but if it is too bad the show would have to be cancelled and re-arranged to another day.

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